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(P2P Bus Service) NAIA to/from Sta. Rosa Mon May 20 2019

Travelling daily from the nearby provinces of Metro Manila like Laguna is frustrating, to say the least. It takes you one to two hours at best, or two to three hours at worst (which happens more often), to get to NAIA Terminal 1, 2, 3, and 4 (VICE VERSA). With the help of the point to point bus transfer you can now have an easy transfer from Robinsons TAGAPO to NAIA (Vice Versa).

Post By admincs

Guadalupe Wed Jun 05 2019

What is the local or cellular number to call in Tagapo station?

Admincs Fri Jun 07 2019

Hello, for any inquiries you may call this number 09156546115. Thank you


Kel Sun Jun 09 2019

Hi good day po, Is there a trip from tagapo to terminal 3 on june 11 @ 10pm or 12 midnight? And ilang oras po ang travel time. Thank you po.

Admincs Mon Jun 10 2019

Good day, yes we still have that dispatched scheduled trip. Thanks

Geovani ladesma Wed Jun 12 2019

Hi good afternoon! My flight po ako bukas ng 8:15 ng umaga anong oras po dapat kog sakyan 3am or 430am? Salamat!


LINGLINGAY Thu Jun 13 2019

june 16 @ 10pm this available?


LINGLINGAY Thu Jun 13 2019

june 16 @ 10pm this available? may flight po kasi ako ng 4am sa 17..and exactly 1am nasa terminal 1 na kami

Admincs Sat Jun 15 2019

Good day, yes po.


Joms Mon Jun 17 2019

Hi po, Sure naman po anu yung schedule po na nakalagay dito po sa page na ito. My flight po kasi ako on June 20 ng hapon and will just take p2p bus from rob sta rosa to Terminal 3.


Marlon Leysan Wed Jun 19 2019

Sakto bang 7pm alis sa terminal 3 papuntang robinson sta rosa

Admincs Fri Jun 21 2019

Good day, yes the bus leaves on time.


Mhaj Mon Jun 24 2019

May byahe po ba July 9 ng 9am to terminal 3? Gano po katagal ang travel time?

Admincs Tue Jul 02 2019

Hello, yes we are open everyday. Thank you


Thu Jul 04 2019

Hello po, How to get ticket po?

Admincs Thu Jul 04 2019

Hi, you can do walk in transactions. Thank you


Dom Thu Jul 04 2019

Hi! Meron po bang 3am trip to terminal 3 for tomorrow july 5? Saan po ang pick up point?

Dondon Mon Jul 08 2019

Hi where is the exact station/pick up point. Is it Robinsons Tagapo, the station points to SM City Santa Rosa shown in the map in the "Terminals" tab.. please clarify


Kier Wed Jul 10 2019

Hello po! Will the bus go directly to terminal 4 from Tagapo, Sta. Rosa? Sa 10PM po na bus ang plan namin na sakyan.


Rose Fri Jul 12 2019

Hi updated po ba ung schedule from robinson to naia? may nagcomment po kc sa facebook. bago na daw po sched?

Admincs Fri Jul 12 2019

Good day, yes po still the same po.


Syrus Sietereales Mon Jul 22 2019

Hello good day!!! Sakto po bang umaalis ang bus ng 9am dto sa robinson sta rosa Thank you po sa pag sagot

Admincs Mon Jul 22 2019

Hello, yes the bus leaves on time. Thank you


Rusty Wed Jul 24 2019

pag umalis po b ng 9am sa robinson sta rosa may mga dadaan p po b para mag pick up ng pasahero salamat po

Admincs Thu Jul 25 2019

Hello, wala na pong dadaan diretcho na po sa NAIA Terminals. Thank you


John Fri Jul 26 2019

Gud pm! Ask ko lang po kapag 7pm yung flight sa terminal 1. Meron po ba bus bukas na 2pm sa Robinson sta rosa july 27 2019

Admincs Fri Jul 26 2019

Good day, yes we have 2pm schedule from robinsons tagapo to naia terminals. Thank you


Mark Tue Jul 30 2019

Good Pm po. Saan po Banda nag wait/pick ng pasahero sa Robinson Tagapo.? Pag 7am po need maka dating ng Naia 1, Ok napo ba 4:30am ang sakyang time ng bus.?

Admincs Wed Jul 31 2019

Hello, we are located at in front of the mall. Yes po you can ride the 7am trip. Thank you


Jenica Thu Aug 01 2019

Hi! Pwede po ba ang walk in trasaction? I have a flight kase tomorrw, do I still need to book a seat? Thank you!

Admincs Fri Aug 02 2019

Good day, yes walk in transactions will do. Thank you


Milay Mon Aug 05 2019

Hello..updated p rin po b ung sched robinsons tagapo to naia? 9 AM sched po?Thanks

Admincs Tue Aug 06 2019

Good day, yes po updated po ang schedule. Thank you


Vina Mon Aug 12 2019

Any phone numbers we may contact para sa p2p bus from NAIA to Robinsons Tagapo? What if from Terminal 4 po ang ate ko kasi? Saan ba sila makakasakay? Thank you!

Admincs Tue Aug 13 2019

Good day, if she is from terminal 4, will need to be transfer in terminal 3. Thank you


Choy Thu Aug 15 2019

Eksakto po bang 11:30am yung alis sa robinsons tagapo bukas ng friday, aug 16?

Admincs Fri Aug 16 2019

Hello, yes the bus leaves on time. Thank you


Nikkie Thu Aug 15 2019

Hi we will be having our flight on Aug 17 in terminal 4. At 9:30 in the morning. Is it available? And does it takes us directly to terminal 4? Or do we need to transfer? Thanks in advance

Admincs Fri Aug 16 2019

Good day, we do not have 9:30 am dispatched schedule instead we have 9am dispatched schedule trip. Mostly it took about 2-3 hours thank you


Lexter Jimenez Fri Aug 16 2019

Good day po, i have flight in august 18 at around 11:30 am. May i know if have schedule in morning shift? Please reply. Thank you so much.

Admincs Fri Aug 16 2019

Good day, you may take the rid of 6:30 am. Thank you


Shell Sat Aug 17 2019

Hi. I have flight on August 18, 12:45am. What time of dispatch should I go? Thank you


Shalaine Sat Aug 17 2019

Hi. I have flight on August 18, 12:45am. Terminal 3. What time of dispatch should I go in Robinsons Sta Rosa? Thank you

Admincs Mon Aug 19 2019

Good day, You need to be in terminal 15mins or 30mins prior to your preferred dispatched schedule. Thank you


L.A. Fri Aug 23 2019

Hi! Ask ko lang if dadaan ba ang bus ng 9am bukas sa Robinson Tagapo going to NAIA terminal 3? Need pa po ba mag online booking ? Thanks


Nette Tue Sep 03 2019

Hi po may 4:30am trip po ba sa sept 9? Sakto po ba sa time ang alis ng bus sa robnson tagapo? Slmat po

Admincs Wed Sep 04 2019

Hello, yes we have. and the bus leaves on time. Thank you


Dy Mon Sep 09 2019

Hi, updated po ba ung time table from Terminal 3 to Rob Sta. Rosa. sa Sep 13 po ang dating namin.. thank you.


Romella divina Wed Sep 11 2019

Hi po may 4:30am trip po ba sa sept. 15? Sakto po ba sa time ang alis ng bus sa robnson tagapo? thank you po sa sasagot! ^_^

Admincs Thu Sep 12 2019

Hello, yes we have 4:30 am on sept 15. Thank you


Rose Fri Sep 13 2019

Hi, meron po b p2p bus from terminal 1 to robinson sta. Rosa on sept 14, 11pm? Or kailangan pa namin mag transfer to terminal 3 from terminal 1? Thank you

Admincs Sat Sep 14 2019

Good day, yes you need to be transfer in terminal 3. Thank you


Ajhay Mon Sep 16 2019

Hi, same price po ba na 190 pesos ang fare from NAIA to tagapo?


Macoy Mon Sep 16 2019

From Robinson Santa Rosa (Tagapo), 4:00 AM is the departure time? I plan to ride UBE Express on Friday (Sept-20), Do I need to pre-book my ride?


Tony C. Tue Sep 17 2019

Do you have an updated schedule for october 01, 2019- Sta.Rosa to NAIA and vice versa. Thank you.

Admincs Wed Sep 18 2019

Hello, a sof now we do not have updated dispatched schedule. Thank you